In Cambodia, starting a business is a relatively simple process. To lawfully conduct business, you must first register with the Ministry of Commerce. You have a well-thought-out business plan for your Cambodian firm, as well as budgets that are accurately projected. You’ve considered the practical actions to take in the event of a calamity. However, the seemingly complex process of company registration in Cambodia has caught you off guard.

You must register your company as a sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited company, public limited company, or foreign company in order to start a business in Cambodia.


ពិគ្រោះ(PIKRUOS) can assist you with the entire company registration process from start to finish. The following items will be included in our company registration package:

    1. Choosing a Company Name and Registering It.
    2. Preparing a Memorandum and Articles of Association.
    3. Obtain Ministry of Commerce approval for a Company Certificate.
    4. Obtain an Official Stamp for Your Business.
    5. Patent Registration.
    6. VAT Registration.
    7. Consultation on registering for free.


To support their ambition and progress, dynamic organizations require a wide range of advising services. Our advising services are designed to assist you in achieving your objectives as your company expands. Navigating a complicated mix of possibilities, difficulties, and dangers is often required for successful growth. Our skilled practitioners can assist you in comprehending, adapting to, and overcoming the different roadblocks that may arise.

We’ll pay attention to your needs because you know your own business. We ask questions and listen to your answers as part of the advice process. Rather than depending on off-the-shelf services that may be applied to a wide range of clients, difficulties, and markets, we create solutions that are suited to your company’s specific needs and goals.

Any firm that wants to succeed needs to have the right planning, strategy, and execution. ពិគ្រោះ(PIKRUOS) assists its clients in expanding and growing. We understand how critical it is to have the appropriate plan in place; if your project is flawed, every step you take will be in the wrong path. Companies are being steered away from their goals rather than toward them as a result of this. Before recommending a strategy, we thoroughly research our clients to ensure that we have considered all of the variables.

ពិគ្រោះ(PIKRUOS) works professionally and ethically for offering right information and direction for investors.



Cambodian business and investment regulations permit the formation of a wide variety of legal entities without the requirement of citizenship:

    1. Private Company Limited Company with 1 to 30 shareholders
    2. Public of company
    3. Sole proprietor
    4. General Partnership, an informal business partnership,
    5. Limited Partnership
    6. Subsidiary of Foreign Company, at least 51% of shares held by the parent company
    7. Branches of Foreign Company
    8. Representative Offices for market exploration purpose.

Foreign investors may own 100% of businesses registered in Cambodia. Investors have complete foreign exchange convertibility and are free to repatriate profits. The process entails five steps, beginning with the deposit of capital to the bank via a registered document issued by the Taxation Department. Qualified Investment Project staff may apply for visas and work permits to work as managers, technicians, and skilled workers if the required qualifications and expertise are not available in Cambodia.



Cambodian Tax System has three classification such as small, medium and large taxpayer.

Business and Investment in Cambodia will be affected by tax such as

Primary Tax

    1. Corporate Tax
    2. Minimum Tax
    3. Withholding Tax
    4. Value Add Tax
    5. Import Duties
    6. Salary Tax

Other related tax

    1. Accommodation tax
    2. Public Lighting tax
    3. Excise Tax on specific tax on certain goods and services.
    4. Other Tax

ពិគ្រោះ (PIKRUOS) offer most business services.

We office feasibility report for accessing the potential solution to business opportunities or business problem, and determines which of these are viable for further analysis.

We offer excellence service on investment study and research which it is required by investor for any project in Cambodia.

Our team offer market research for business startup and existing business for operational development and improvement.

Offer business registration at Ministry of Commerce and General Taxation.

Various business license within different Ministry to fulfill business operation.

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