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ពិគ្រោះ (PIKRUOS) is a Phnom Penh-based freelance consulting group led by an experienced consultant and a group of professionals. Small and medium-sized businesses are the focus of the group’s major services, which include business counseling, marketing and sales management, financial management, business information technology, property agency and consultancy, mergers and acquisitions. Our group’s industry knowledge and skills give the most accurate, up-to-date, and thorough analysis of the Cambodian market accessible.ពិគ្រោះ (PIKRUOS) has the skills, experience, and consultants needed to help your company locate the right people, provide entrepreneurial support.
    1. Business Legislation and Advisory Services: Cambodian Business Registration & Business Advisory.
    2. Marketing, and distribution management.
    3. Business Information Technology: Data Center deployment, Software Recommendation, Operation System such as Window 10 and Office. 
    4. Financial Management.
    5. Property Agency and Consulting.
    6. Business Matching and Dealing.

ពិគ្រោះ (PIKRUOS)  continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as financial, business services, consumer products, construction business.



ពិគ្រោះ (PIKRUOS) is to contribute to Cambodia’s economic development by providing business assistance and counseling to investors in order to help them improve and expand their businesses.


We intend to give proactive planning of business startup and business operation efficiency in all elements of our firm’s operations as a mission and goal. Personnel from ពិគ្រោះ (PIRKUOS) is dedicated to providing active leadership and support in establishing and sustaining economical and workable quality for the majority of the company’s operations.


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