Operation Manager (Logistic)

Our business partner is always looking for talented people to become its team members. We realize that productive people are always a good addition to the organization.

Department: Operation
Project Location(s): Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Education: Bachelor Degree
Compensation: 1000-1500USD /Month


  • Collaborate with other business partner as necessary to meet customer requirements, to take advantage of sales opportunities or, in the case of shortages, to minimize negative impacts on a business;
  • Develop an understanding of customers’ needs and take actions to ensure that such needs are met;
  • Develop and implement technical project management tools such as plans, schedules, and responsibility and compliance matrices;
  • Direct team activities, establishing task priorities, scheduling and tracking work assignments, providing guidance, and ensuring the availability of resources;
  • Maintain and develop positive business relationships with a customer’s key personnel involved in or directly relevant to a logistics activity;
  • Report project plans, progress, and results;
  • Review logistics performance with customers against targets, benchmarks and service agreements.
  • Provide advice and guidance to company managers and staff on warehouse utilization, logistics, pallet control, transport costs etc.


  • A relevant technical qualification;
  • At least 5 years’ experience of warehousing and logistics; managerial experience;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Good interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills.

If you are interested in this post above, please kindly send an email to recruitment@pikruos.com or Tel: 077 252 596.

Note: Please use post code: PK1907/01-Operation Manager(Logistics) for your application.

Expired Date: 05 August 2019.

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